Gladys Sera

is an experienced civil engineer, with an expertise in land and water resources engineering. She has designed multiple stormwater management systems, utility design, land development
and performed QA/QC services. Gladys has served as a liaison between project managers and technical staff, obtaining/documenting information essential for project development. She has created/revised
reports and determined calculations necessary for budgets. Gladys has led presentations as a subject matter expert in stormwater management and associated policies.

Gladys Sera

One of the largest projects I worked on was on in Washington, DC was Southwest Waterfront. The site was over 30 acres of land, one of the largest projects in the DC. For this project I was a part of many different
aspects of civil engineering, from truck turn analysis, utility infrastructure, road design, green infrastructure, land development and uploading and creating new roads using GIS software. This project was split up into several segments and I was a part of a majority of it. The smallest segment lasted about as little as three months of design stage and the largest lasted last two years. Within this project I did several RFIs and many survey as-builts for stormwater management. I designed many of the BMP’s and did all the calculations for the site. I designed the updates to the grading in the roads since they were changing as a result of new intersections. Also, within this project, the new intersection led to new spread calculations needing to be done, so I did all the spread calculations for this project and I did quality control for this project for the rest of the A/E team members.

  • Residential Design
  • Commercial Design
  • Construction Management

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