20190325_130101Gladys Sera, Ph.D., PMP, PE, Managing Member and Civil Engineer

Gladys is a first-generation Haitian immigrant who was raised in Florida. She founded Sera Engineered, LLC in 2019 after being inspired by a need for change regarding the lack of water resources and stormwater management in Haiti. She received her BS and MS in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from the University of Florida and her Ph.D. in Public Policy with an emphasis in sustainability from Walden University.
Gladys is an experienced civil engineer with expertise in land and water resources engineering. She specializes in the design of stormwater management systems, utility design, land development, and performed QA/QC services. She serves as a liaison between project managers and technical staff not only obtaining but documenting information essential for project development. She has created and revised reports and determined calculations necessary for budgets. Gladys, a seasoned civil engineer, has led presentations as a subject matter expert in stormwater management and associated policies. Contact her at: gladys@seraengineered.com and 202-417-6559

Sarah Endale, Senior Assistant 

Sarah is the Senior Assistant for Sera Engineered, LLC. She has been with the company for almost a year and has a strong background in operations management for construction and building supply companies.  Her contribution to Sera Engineered allows us to a highly attentive civil engineering firm. Her favorite part of working at Sera is the family atmosphere and the flexibility. Contact her at: sarah@seraengineered.com and 202-516-4910

Patrick Castro, Lead Engineer

Patrick is a Lead Engineer at Sera Engineered. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from George Mason University and typically handles our larger jobs. Patrick is highly proficient in the technology surrounding this industry and as a result, he is eager to learn more. He studies and reads new things to broaden his knowledge in this industry. He is extremely dedicated to the work and gets excited whenever he gets approval because he is excited to see what it will look like in real life. His focus includes: Demolition, site plan design, utility infrastructure design, erosion and sediment control plans and design, stormwater management design and calculation, and traffic control plans. Contact him at: Patrick@seraengineered.com and 202-798-7752

Airen Cruz, Project Manager

Airen received her Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Florida International University. She works almost exclusively on our landscape design, site layout, and tree protection projects. She joined the company as a civil engineer, but her beautiful and creative designs made Sera Engineered expand and start offering landscape design as a service and be a serious contender. She is smart, quick, and patient which allows her to see aspects of the design that others have missed. She will be excited to work with you! Contact her at: airen@seraengineered.com and 202-798-6353

Hlina Mitku, Civil Engineer 

Hlina is a Civil Engineer who has an Engineering degree from Morgan State University. She has worked at Sera for nearly two years and focuses on surveying/condo plats, demolition and raze plans, utility infrastructure plans, sediment and erosion plans, traffic control plans, stormwater management, and tree preservation. Hlina is a meticulous and an analytical designer.  She very often finds areas in the project to save money and make the project more efficient.  She is extremely pleasent to work with and eager to get your project approved. Contact her at: hlina@seraengineered.com and 202-798-3978

Victor Alexander Guzman-Sanchez, Civil Engineer 

Victor got his degree in civil engineering in Peru, his home country, and moved to the States to be closer to his family. Victor came into Sera Engineered with an expansive knowledge of construction and the technology involved with civil engineering. He is an extremely hard worker and gets projects done and completed promptly. He has worked at Sera for a few years and focuses on surveying, stormwater as-builts, demolition plans, condo plats, and dry-utility design. Contact him at: Victor@seraengineered.com

Why would you work with us?

Well, there are a lot of civil engineering firms out there in the DC DMV area so this is a logical question to ask, but just so you know, we are very different. We are not only one of the few female-owned and operated civil engineering firms in dc, but we are one of less than three black female-owned civil engineering firms in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, with the majority of the employees being of ethnical and cultural minority background. As a minority-owned civil engineering firm in the dc area, we strive even harder to stand out and to work against the odds. On top of that we…

  • Have a meeting before and after the plans are put together to explain the design, so you know you are getting the option that works best for your project
  • Provide project updates are shown here on the website and within weekly updates so you feel secure about the process
  • Inspect project sites to monitor progress and ensure conformance to design specifications and safety or sanitation standards.
  • Provide technical advice to industrial or managerial personnel regarding design, construction, program modifications, or structural repairs.
  • Project updates are shown here on the website and within weekly updates so you feel secure about the process
  • Compute water flow rates or material stress factors to determine design specifications.
  • Conduct all business with integrity, dependability, attention to detail, analytical thinking, initiative, achievement/effort

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